Copper and Brass – Non-Ferrous Metal of High Strength and Low Price

The copper round hole perforated metal screen with the metallic sheen.

Copper perforated screen.

Perforated copper screen has good malleability, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. When copper are exposed in the air, it will be slowly oxidized, so copper screen has good corrosion resistant performance. Copper perforated sheets are widely used in architecture for decoration and facade cladding.

The round hole brass perforated metal with the metallic sheen.

Brass perforated panel.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has bright golden appearance and good wear resistance.

Our brass perforated meshes are often used in manufacturing filters, test sieves or architectural decoration.

Common Types
  • C11000 – It is 99.90% pure copper. It has high electrical conductivity, in excess of 100% IACS, and good corrosion resistance. C1100 copper has a wide range of uses, including applications in architectural, industrial, electrical, automotive and construction industries.
  • C28000 – Its copper content is about 60%. It has good mechanical properties, cutting property, welding properties, corrosion resistant performance and easy to polish features.
  • C27000 – It contains slightly more copper than C28000, and it has better mechanical property than C28000.
  • C26200 – Its mechanical property is better than C27000. It has good malleability, high strength, excellent cutting property, corrosion assistant performance and easy to weld features. It is the most widely used type of brass.
  • C26000 – Its properties are similar to C26200. Its copper content is higher than other types.
  • C24000 – It has low strength, good plasticity, good weld performance and corrosion resistant performance.
  • C22000 – Its properties are similar to C21000. It has good plasticity and high strength features.
  • C21000 – It is the lowest strength brass. However, its strength is higher than copper. It has good corrosion resistant performance, plasticity, welding performance and no stress corrosion cracking.