Galvanized Perforated Mesh– Great Corrosion Resistance

Galvanized perforated mesh is widely used in construction and decoration.

We can supply both hot-dip galvanization (HDG) and electro-galvanization (EG).

Boegger’s hot-dip galvanized perforated screens are qualified with long lifespan. Large scale orders are available. It is widely used in outdoor steel structures.

Boegger’s electro-galvanized perforated screens, also named as cold galvanizing, has compact and uniform zinc layer. It has good appearance, decoration and malleability.

Hot-dip galvanized perforated meshes with 4-point star hole type.

Galvanized perforated mesh

Triangular hole electrical galvanized perforated screen.

Electrical galvanized perforated mesh

The differences between Electro-Galvanization (EG) and Hot-Dip Galvanization (HDG):
  • Different coating thickness. The zinc layer of HDG is much thicker than EG.
  • Different zinc layer adhesion. The the zinc layer of HDG has stronger adhesion than EG.
  • Different surface roughness. The surface of HDG perforated mesh is smooth but not bright. The EG has the smooth surface and weak metallic luster.
  • Different corrosion resistant performance. HDG perforated mesh is much corrosion resistant than EG.
  • Different usage situation. HDG perforated screen is usually used in outdoors. The EG perforated screen is generally used indoors.
Round hole galvanized perforated mesh coils.

Galvanized perforated mesh coil.

Louver hole galvanized sound barriers on the ground.

Galvanized sound barriers.

  • Energy production.
  • Mining industry.
  • Steel production industry.
  • Waste processing.
  • Cement production.
  • Automotive & Transport.
  • Lorries, buses and train.