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Round Hole Perforated Sheet

We supply various types and materials perforated metal sheets, such as stainless steel perforated metal, aluminum perforated metal sheet, round hole perforated sheet, etc.

Round hole perforated metal sheet sizes:

Perforated sheet DKP (DC- 01)
Sheet size and thickness Radius (mm) Pitch (mm) Material Margin (Width)
1000x2000x0,50 R 0,50 1,09 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,50 R 0,60 1,40 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,50 R 0,75 1,50 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,50 R 1,00 2,00 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,50 R 1,25 2,40 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,50 R 1,50 2,00 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x0,75 R 0,75 1,50 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x1,00 R 1,00 2,00 DC-01 8-10mm
1000x2000x1,00 R 1,25 2,40 DC-01 8-10mm

Other sizes and types can be required according to your needs.

Round Hole Perforated SheetRound Hole Perforated Sheet

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