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Perforated Panels with Different Square Hole Sizes

Customer Introduction:
Our customer's company is locate in Germany, they are an architecture design company. They need us to help make several pieces of perforated panels, as the decoration of a building.

Project Introduction:

  1. Customer requirements:
    • First our customer sent us the goods description, including the material, dimension, hole size and quantity.
    • They request us to quote the C&F price, noting the weight, packing dimension and lead time. As well as the data sheet of the material.
    • Then we confirm the specific type of the material, the thickness of the panel and the pitch - distance between hole center to hole center.
    • Customer replied me with the answer, then they asked about the HS code.
    • The HS code for perforated panel is 73145000.
  2. A hand is holding a piece of perforated panel, with small square holes on it.
    The customer can choose the area for perforation and non-perforation.
  3. The problems we met with & how we solved them:
    About the THICKNESS of the panel, first they required 15mm, but the hole size is 4mm × 4mm, too much smaller than the thickness, so we cannot do that. After communication, the customer agreed with the 1.5mm thickness and placed the order.
    We must say that, when punching the metal panel, the hole diameter must be larger than the thickness, then the perforated can go smoothly.
  4. Delivery:
    Based on the weight and request lead time, we decided using DHL to deliver the goods to our customer's place.
  5. Packing:
    The perforated panels were first wrapped by plastic films then put into wooden cases.

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