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Customized Perforated Tubes Meet American Customer's Need

Customer Introduction:
This customer is from an American company, who produces fine filters and related products. Their filters have low micron ratings, and are used to many filtrating applications.

Project Introduction:

  • Customer requirements:
    First, our customer sent us three drawings of three kinds of perforated tubes, which had different specification requirements. They wondered whether we could fabricate these products.
    Second, the order quantity was large and the material customer wanted was mild steel, but with good quality.
    Thirdly, the perforated holes were not simply staggered holes, they had their own perforation requirements.
    Forth, customer wanted the tubes to be continuously seam welded, which might increase the production cost.
  • The problems we met with & how we solved them:
    • We needed to confirm that the material our customer required was mild steel not stainless steel, if the material was mild steel, we should spray the oil on the tube surface for rust resistance.
    • We needed to produce a sample first to let our customer check the quality, then we found there were some wrong information on the drawing, which make our factory be confused. We contacted with our customer to ensure the right sizes. After communications, we got the right drawing.
    • Because the price of continuous seam welded tubes was higher than the ordinary tubes, so we negotiated with our customer to increase the unit price, and our customer accepted it finally.
    • Especially once we got the order of perforated tubes, we must confirm the tolerance of the tube thickness at once and the OD & ID ( outer diameter & inner diameter). Or our customer might get the installation problem.
  • Packing:
    The perforated tubes were first wrapped by plastic films then put into wooden cases.
  • Perforated tubes are wrapped by plastic film then put into wooden case, they all have bright surface and round perforation holes.
    The perforated tubes are carefully packed to ensure the quality of the tubes.
    A hand is holding a perforated tube to check the details of the tube.
    All the details will be checked to ensure the best quality of the products. We must be responsible for both our products and our customers.
  • Delivery problem:
    Commonly, when we export products to the United States, our customer have to complete the Importer Security Filing (ISF) before or after 24 hours when the goods arrive at the port. Or they are not allowed to complete the customer clearance, and they should pay for large fine. After our goods arrived at the port, our forwarder told us our customer still didn’t complete the ISF, and we had to contact our customer again and again through email, telephone and Skype. And finally we got in touch with our customer through our customer’s forwarder, avoiding the large fine.

After sales service:
After our customer got the perforated tubes, we sent an email to see whether they were satisfied with the quality, and they said YES.
A month later, we got another purchase order from our customer.

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