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perforated metal panels with round and slotted hole

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Driven to be the very best supplier of perforated material, Boegger Industrial Limited is responsive to its customers' needs. Our products can classification as follow:

Perforated metal used for separation and decoration

Perforated metal can be used for filtering, separation, protection, soundproofing and decoration, washing and drying. So it is widely used in the chemical, food, mining and car industries as well as by sugar refineries, quarries, cements factories and construction sites, and so on.
We offer a wide range of perforated sheets including: stainless steel perforated metal, aluminum perforated panel, perforated tubes, galvanized perforated metal screen, and carbon steel perforated sheets, perforated plastic and perforated copper. We also offer all types of decorative perforated panels with square hole, round hole, slotted-rounded ends and hexagonal pattern with either a square, round or staggered pitch. These sheets are available in different hole shapes, pitch, materials, sizes and sheet thickness.

Perforating metal is an essential operation. Our turrets punch with tool rotation, quick change tooling, and up to 400 hits per minute. Perforating process is under strictly control. So our punch metal can meet your best satisfaction. With coated or painted, perforated metal is very flat after perforation and not curved, and have smooth & clean surfaces without sharp edges on the perforations. Perforated metal panel can be bent into other shape such as U shape or V shape.

The most popular products:
11-14 gauge S/S with 1/4" square holes with 1/2" centers, not staggered.
Galv Perf Sheet / Size 8' × 4' / Thickness 0.7mm - 0.8mm/ 3mm Hole Dia and 5mm Pitch (Free Area 28 to 30%)
Aluminium sheets 2400 × 1200 × 2mm thick with 5mm round perforations @ 45% open area. Each sheet requires a 45mm border around the perimeter.
60" wide 24ga G90 perforated coil
Galvanized perforated steel sheet, 1mm thickness, 4mm hole diameter, 7mm distance between holes, triaged 60 degree, 20mm free all side.
Perforated black steel Q235, 1.5mm thickness, 4mm hole diameter, 7mm distance between holes, triaged 60 degree,20mm free all side
Perforated AL-3003 sheet, 1mm thickness, 4mm hole diameter, 7mm distance between holes, triaged 60 degree, 20mm free all side.
Metal screen perforated hex 6mm A/F 0.9mm Web × 1219mm × 2438mm.
SS 304 grade diamond shaped perforated sheet 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm thick × 1.200 × 2.400 mm size.
1.5mm/3mm Alum. perforated sheets with 10/20 pitch round perforation in rough finish or brushed finish.
SS304/SS316 Perforated metal sheet with staggered pattern round hole 1/4" or 1/8" dia., 40% open area, mill finish.
Stainless steel 304 perforated sheet with 2mm hole dia. , axis to axis in length 3 mm, axis to axis in width 5 mm, angle of the holes 60 degree, sheet thickness 1mm.
11 gauge thick 304 stainless perforate tubing made with 8 inch diameter by 4 foot long, welded seam and staggered hole pattern 0.1875 inch diameter.
Stainless SUS304 and Stainless SUS316 perforated mesh with round holes staggered arrangement. 0.20mm hole diameter × 0.3mm pitch × 0.1mm thick and 1.0mm hole diameter × 1.5mm pitch × 0.8mm thick.
Stainless steel 304 perforated plate 2000 × 1000 × 0.5mm × 0.5mm hole staggered at 90°.
Perforated aluminum tubes 11.5 inches in diameter by 48 inches for sorting oyster Seed.
perforated stainless steel cylinders Inner diameter 86mm, thickness 2-3 mm, perforation ratio of 50% with 10 mm hole diameter, 60 mm - 200 mm long.
Low Carbon Steel Plate Perforated steel sheet, Thickness: .021" (24ga), Width: 3', Length: 7', Pitch: .172", Hole Size: 3/32", Shape Hole: Round, Margin: .125 .
Fancy hole perforated metal used for a metal screen wall, mechanical equipment screens and patio balcony railing.

If we don't found what you need, or if you have any queries regarding our services please contact us sales@perforatedmetalsupplier.com.

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

Perforated Stainless Steel SheetPerforated Stainless steel sheet in thick 0.50–4.00mm, dimension 1000x2000 mm. Perforated stainless steel sheet is used for architectural, chemical and mining.

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Aluminum Perforated Panel

Aluminum Perforated PanelAluminum perforated panel need no protective coating but are often anodized to improve color and strength.Aluminum perforated panel is extremely useful at low-temperatures.

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Perforated Plastic Sheet

Perforated Plastic SheetRigid and strong perforated plastic sheet used in materials screening. Perforated PVC Sheets are ideally suited to many of the same applications as perforated metal.

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Mild Steel Perforated Sheet

Mild Steel Perforated SheetMild steel perforated metal, low carbon steel perforated sheet and aluminum perforated sheet are widely used for house construction and building. Perforated metal opening types are various.

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