Manufacturer of Perforated Metals in Various Hole Patterns and Materials for Five Main Fields

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No matter the facade cladding or building ceiling system, no matter for the acoustic panel construction or the apartment sun shading design, We Boegger have rich experiences of manufacturing. And we have various material, hole patterns, surface colors for your choice. Small piece of samples are also available before large order quantity.

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Due to the wear resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-rust and long service life features, our perforated panels are suitable for various industrial applications like the wind dust fence, noise barrier, vibrating screen and so on. Our technical team will recommend the most suitable material and hole pattern design based on your request, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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Our perforated metal screens are widely used in the filtration area, including different forms like discs, tubes, baskets, cone and other customized shapes. It can not only act as an individual filter, but can also be a part of the filter element to support the structure and work against the pressure. We have detailed manufacture drawings to help you describe the correct filter specifications.

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Perforated panels with fancy hole patterns are playing an more and more important role in modern society. And they have been applied to every corner of our life. You can see them on the shelf, furniture, staircase tread, light-shade or even the waste paper basket. If you have any good idea using the perforated mesh to decorate your life, we can provide strong and efficient material support.

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For longer service life and more textured visual effect of the speaker grille products, perforated mesh screen is gradually replacing the plastic ones. It is durable and wear resistant, most importantly is fireproof to ensure the security.

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Here attached the GAUGE TABLE for your reference to check the thickness of different material